No results showing

Read-only termbases
Figure 1.

When you get no results for a particular search even with all the correct parameters, sometimes you just need to refresh the values of Source Language and Target Language. To do this click Source Language, then click Target Language and back on Source Language. Do the opposite if the initial selection is Target Language.

In addition, you may want to reselect the search type: Normal, Full Text or Fuzzy.

Another simple solution when no results are showing is to simply use the opposing arrows icon to reverse SL and TL. See item 7 of the user interface, Figure 2.

In all other cases, that information being searched most likely does not exist in the termbase.

Descriptive fields text may be cut-off

Read-only termbases
Figure 2.

When browsing the results of an Extended Search and you click a particular item that is not a term (that is, not marked as "[TERM]" in the third column) then the text in the expanded view pane (13) may be cut-off if it has more than 255 characters and/or if there is an apostrophe within the text. The former seems to be a limitation of Microsoft Access.

In both cases you will however be able to see the whole content, regardless of its extension, in the Bird's Eye View, as shown above in Figure 2.

Language name missing while exporting by date

Read-only termbases
Figure 3.

In some instances when exporting data by date, in the Language column you will see ---?--- instead of a language name. This is not a Tb-Scout v2.5 error but rather an internal inconsistency in the XML data for some records in which, for an unknown reason, instead of a language name there is either a number or there is no value.

Read-only termbases
Figure 3a.

We decided to code this error as "X ---?---" when there is a value X, instead of a language name, and as
"---?---" for null values. Although the name of the language is missing, the rest of the information in the other columns is correct.


XML settings file cannot be accessed

Read-only termbases
Figure 4.

Error message: "The process cannot access the file 'C:\Users\[UserName]\AppData\[…] \BaseSettings.xml […] being used by another process." Click OK and ignore. See explanation in the table below.

Discard backup files

Read-only termbases
Figure 5.

You can safely remove this useless file as well as a leftover file called database.mdb.

List of other known issues and errors

While this list may not be comprehensive, it does include the issues that might occur, though not expected, when running Tb-Scout v2.5. Considerable time and effort have been devoted to prevent these issues from creeping in. However, some errors might persist in any given circumstance or simply they are unavoidable.

Issue Error text, description What to do, comments
Application creates a backup copy When the application fails mostly due to the limitations of Microsoft Access, it tries to save a backup copy. Figure 5, above. Do not save that backup file. That file, as well as a temporary file that sometimes remains in the folder, called database.mdb, or databaseN.mdb (N= number) is useless. You can safely delete them all.
Application does not close completely Sometimes Tb-Scout v2.5 closes but leaves behind the Microsoft Access window open. In the Windows taskbar hover over the application icon, and then move the pointer to the upper right‑hand corner of the tiny window and click the X to close the application.
Date format In some locales 3-Sep-17 may be interpreted as 9-Mar-17, given that 03/09/17 and 09/03/17 are similar. Be aware of this issue when selecting data to export by date.
File access, settings "The process cannot access the file 'C:\Users\[UserName]\AppData\[…] \BaseSettings.xml […] being used by another process". See Figure 4, above. Seldom occurs. Ignore and continue. It is not known, at least not to the developer, what is the use of the BaseSettings.xml file, which since MultiTerm 2014 is always an "empty" XML file. See also below "Unable to open..."
File access, settings "Couldn't use <filename>; file already in use." Try again to open the application. This may happen after you opened a second instance, which is not allowed.
DDE channel message "The source application is not working. Do you want to continue waiting? […] The DDE channel […]" The application has been opened for a while without any action. Press "No". Ignore. Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) is how Tb-Scout v2.5 interacts with SDL termbases.
Read-only termbases Marked with a red asterisk to the left of their names. Read-only termbases may have an unexpected behavior if you try to export data. However, just searching through them may work normally. See Scope and limitations,
Figure 7.
Selecting an item in a list "The text you entered isn't an item in the list." Make sure you select an item that you can see in the pull-down list. You will not be able to continue unless you select an item in the pull-down list.
Selecting records to export "You selected more records than can be copied onto the Clipboard at one time. Divide the records […]" Export to PDF format instead of Excel format. Excel may open, though, but with truncated data.
Potential security concern "A potential security concern has been identified. Hyperlinks can be harmful […]when trying to access the history file or, seldom, under other circumstances. The application is safe. Ignore and continue by pressing 'Yes'.
Unable to open the application "Couldn't use 'TbScout.v20_20xx.accde'; file already in use." Make sure all instances of Microsoft Access are closed. If need be, open Windows Task Manager and go to the Details tab. Search for MSACCESS.EXE, select it and then click "End task".
Random error message "We're sorry, but Access has run into an error that is preventing it from working correctly [...]" Another Microsoft Access random error, though it seldom occurs. There is nothing to repair, so ignore "Repair Now". Just click on Close. Restart the application if need be.
Error 2501 "The Open Report Action was canceled." When a huge dataset cannot be exported because somehow exceeds the capacity of the application. This is one of the limitations of the application. You may want to try and create a PDF report (a bilingual dictionary) instead.
Error 2908 Unable to open the application: "The database cannot be opened because the VBA project contained in it cannot be read […]" Make sure you have either the correct and most recent Microsoft Access full version or the free Microsoft Access runtime version installed. No need to create backup copies.
Error 3021 "No current record." This error occurs when, for instance, there is a discrepancy between a descriptive field registered in the termbase and non-existent data "linked" to that descriptive field. In the Export module, verify this with the "All Descriptive Fields" pull-down list.
Error 3035 "System resources exceeded." It might happen when trying to process data for the Export module. If you press [OK] and continue, you may still see the Export module form, but from there performance is not guaranteed.
Error 3046 "Could not save; currently locked by another user." This is a transient situation. Press OK. Ignore and continue. The Export module form will still open in most cases.
Error 3049 "Cannot open database ''. It may not be a database that your application recognizes, or the file may be corrupt." It may be a number of issues. Mainly data exceeds Microsoft Access 2 GB limit. Retry opening the termbase. Ignore and continue. It may also be a false positive.
Error 3059 "Operation canceled by user." Ignore and continue.
Error 3420 "Object invalid or no longer set" Seldom occurs. Restart the application.
Error 3531 "The wait period for an event has timed out." Try again to see if the process completes. In most cases the Export module will open next. Otherwise, restart the application. You may want to use process 3a. only or the application definitely cannot handle that termbase.
Error 70 "Run-time error '70': Permission denied" This seldom, if ever, happens. When you try to open another instance of Tb-Scout. Remember, only one instance is allowed at a time. Close all open instances. Restart.
Error 94 "Invalid use of Null." Please report this error to the developer.
An old MultiTerm error message "This termbase cannot be opened because it was created with an unsupported version of MultiTerm." Please note this is an MultiTerm issue, not a Tb‑Scout v2.5 issue. Consult RWS Support.

Known issues