What if you could instantly connect to MultiTerm Desktop?

Tb-Scout v2.5 is not just a tool to search and find terms and expressions, it will also help you to connect instantly with MultiTerm Desktop, in tandem, right before your eyes.

In addition, you can connect to the MultiTerm Desktop version of your choice (2021, 2019, 2017, 2015 or 2014), as long it is installed, by selecting from the list, below.

Select MultiTerm version

Whether you need to open MultiTerm Desktop or if it is already open (in whichever version you choose, as long as installed in your computer) you can easily land directly onto that selected term. To do this, select a term in the "Search results pane" (11), and then click the logo.

This MultiTerm logo is also available when you activate instant search and select one item in the translations results pane (12).

Select MultiTerm version


Please note that this feature is logically not available in the Tb-Scout v2.5 20XX version.













Additional functions to make the most out of Tb-Scout v2.5