Search beyond terms, in all languages at all levels, all at once

Extended search

First, you select the "Extended Search" in the Scope section. Then you type a term or phrase in the search box. In this example we typed "economic".

Extended search

What an Extended Search with Tb-Scout v2.5 does is to go through all possible fields in a termbase. That is, not only hunting for terms but also getting the information stored in descriptive fields at all levels and in all languages. There will be indications as to whether a resulting record is at the entry level, at the language level or at term level, and/or the name of a given descriptive field.

When a termbase has multimedia files, as indicated by an icon in the user interface (14) the fourth column of the blue results pane, above, may be truncated (this is by design internally in the structure of a termbase).

However, if the termbase has no multimedia files, the content in the fourth column will not appear truncated.

Multimedia files, if any, will be listed by its file name so that you can perform a search such as ".jpg" to find all the files in this format and its corresponding entry ID.

In this regard, it is worth including here a list of multimedia file types supported by MultiTerm. They are as follows: .avi, .bmp, .dxf, .eps, .fpx, .gif, .ico, .img, .jpg, .midi, .mp3, .pcd, .pcx, .png, .ps, .tga, .tif, .wav, .wmf, and .wmg.

Tb-Scout v2.5 does not have a feature to visualize multimedia files.
















Enhanced ways of searching

  1. Search by ID
  2. Extended search
  3. Instant search