By way of introduction

Any software application with a certain level of complexity, like Tb-Scout v2.5, is prone to errors, malfunction, or any other circumstance that impedes its correct functioning, in spite of all the efforts that the developer devoted to their development and the elimination of programming errors ("debugging").

Tb-Scout v2.5 performance relies not only on the internal algorithms and 'moving parts' that control its functionality but also on the platform on which it is running (Microsoft Office) and on the underlying operating system (Microsoft Windows). Needless to say, the primary responsibility falls squarely on the developer, no excuses. This applies also to any software product. Only in some rare instances, an application stops working or malfunctions due to underlying operating system updates and/or changes.

Level Support
Issues related to Tb-Scout v2.5 Provided by the developer
Issues related to Microsoft Access It comes directly from the Microsoft Office platform: Office 365, Office 2019, etc. and its corresponding updates
Issues related to Microsoft Windows It comes directly from the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system updates

Before starting the application

Some issues non directly related to the design and the performance of the application may arise before starting the application, namely warning messages about Microsoft Office "active content" and trustworthy content. Once you deal with these issues, if need be, you will be able to enable all "active content" (that is, internal programming code, modules, functions and macros) so that Tb-Scout v2.5 can start.

Choose between the 64-bit or the 32-bit version of Access

As long as you are running Office 2016 and up, you should be able to run Tb-Scout v2.5 without problems. Micfrosoft Access, the platform on top of wich Tb-Scout v2.5 runs, is now included in all the plans that allow for installed versions of Office applications like Office 365.

In the Microsoft website there is a useful article about choosing between the 64-bit or the 32-bit versions of Microsoft Office.

While running the application

The scope and limitations come into play when running the application, whereas sometimes, and we hope that it seldom happens or never, some errors may creep in. While there are many issues that we could cover, we focused on the most important and/or frequent issues.

















Known issues