Other cool things you can do with Tb-Scout v2.5

Additional functions to make the most out of Tb-Scout v2.5

In addition to just explore, search, find and export, Tb-Scout v2.5 offers a number of helpful functions to increase its usefulness. These very practical and useful functions are expressed in concrete terms: 

I keep a list of my favorite termbases | I can tell immediately what’s inside a termbase | I can see instantly what were the latest terms added | I can see a full view of an entry | Just two clicks and a complete list of duplicates! | Neat summary report of a termbase | I can open that term in MultiTerm Desktop directly from Tb Scout v2.5! | I can open instantly that folder where the termbase is located | Sometimes you just need to put away Tb Scout v2.5 without closing it | I can hide that background window | I can compress Tb Scout v2.5 and make it run better | I can see my system and locale information | This Help System is really useful!



















Here is the list