Open the door to your MultiTerm termbases

In order to upgrade the application from basic edition mode to licensed edition mode, and to unlock all the functionality, you will need a Product License Key.

When you already have successfully opened and closed at least three (3) termbases, the first step in the process of unlocking the application is to open the About box.

Link to About
Figure 1.

Then type in your email address, at the bottom of the form. Once you have entered your email address, and double-checked that it is the email address you want to use, a Pre-Order Key will be generated and placed in that same box.

Enter your email address
Figure 2.

In addition, as shown in Figure 3, consider this:

  • you will see your email address at the bottom of the system information box, exactly as you entered it;
  • at any rate, there will be a little red x button to change your email address, if so you wish; and
  • you should, however, use your email address consistently in the registration process. Whether you change the email address or not, the Pre-Order Key will remain the same.
Enter your email address
Figure 3.

You can make a request for a Product License Key by opening the form above, Figure 3, which will be on top of the About box.

Click [Send] if the email address is correct. This form, which will send automatically an email message with your Pre-Order Key through Outlook, might not work given your PC settings. Of course, if you do not use Outlook it will not work either. On the other hand, if you have and want to use Outlook, then follow the instructions written on the form.

At any rate, you can always send manually an email message with this request to tb-scout @ translationist . com.


How to set up the Product License Key

Enter your Product License Key
Figure 4.

Once you receive your Product License Key, open the About box and then press Alt+K to reveal the green tick mark button. Click that button to open the form below, Figure 5.

Enter your Product License Key
Figure 5.

Then paste your Product License Key, received by email, in the space provided. Enter only the key received. If the key is correct you will see the green tick mark icon and the [Unlock] button will be available. Otherwise you will see a red X icon and therefore you will be unable to unlock the application.





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