If you know just the entry ID ("Concept ID") you can get a bird's eye view

Enhanced search - Search by ID

Sometimes it is more practical to just enter a known Concept ID than searching by words or terms. Once a termbase is open you need to click on the Extended Search button to get the menu above, in which you will be provided with a range of values. Press Enter after you have typed in an appropriate number, i.e. a number corresponding to an existing record.

Please note that if a termbase is modified  by adding or deleting records by another program (Trados Studio and/or MultiTerm Desktop) while it is being explored by Tb-Scout, this function (i.e. this list) will not update automatically.

Therefore, the termbase will have to be closed, the cache storage cleared and the termbase reloaded.

Another important issue to consider is that you may not get all the possible figures (i.e. Concept IDs) within the range provided (i.e. "From X to Y") due to deleted records or entry mergers in the termbase.

On the other hand, all other search functions will work in real time while a termbase is being modified externally, so it is not necessary to reload it.















Enhanced ways of searching

  1. Search by ID
  2. Extended search
  3. Instant search