Keyboard shortcuts are always welcome


Here are some practical examples:

  • As soon as the applications opens, just press Enter and you will be ready to manually open a termbase.
  • Before opening a termbase just press Alt+R to open the history module.
  • Do you want to quickly close a termbase and then the application? Press in quick succession Alt+C, Enter, Enter.
  • Do you want to close the termbase you are exploring? Just press Alt+C.
  • Whether a termbase is open or not, you can quickly access the About box by pressing Alt+A and to close it just press Esc.
  • Do you want to quickly open the termbase information box and then quickly close it? Press Alt+I and then Alt+H.
  • Press Alt+Y and start typing to find information at all termbase levels. Same as clicking on the search text box (an action which always clears previous results, if any).
  • When using Instant search, instead of retyping, press Alt+Y and then F2 to edit the search string.
  • Another tip: most pop-up forms can also be closed simply by pressing Esc. The big exception is the Export module form.










To simplify your interaction with the system

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If you need technical advice on SDL MultiTerm, in particular, or on terminology database design, modeling and programming, technical writing as well as information management, in general, please contact the developer.