If necessary, this may improve Tb-Scout v2.5 performance

When you browse through different termbases, Tb-Scout v2.5 saves data in a temporary storage, called cache. If you notice that the application has increased in size or if the results in the Export module are inconsistent, for instance, description fields not matching content, you can use this feature.

To ensure even better results close and restart the application after applying this cache clearing function. You can also use this feature if the application grows in size due to cache data, as shown in the bottom right-hand corner label in megabytes. When the application reaches a critical size, this label will be marked in red color. The normal size, before any processing of a termbase, is around just 10 MB.

However, this feature does not apply if you are not using the data-intensive 3a. and 3b. processes in the Export Module, since temporary data is not used during regular search processes.

Inconsistencies in the Export module

There is another situation when this clear cache storage function must be applied, for obvious reasons. When the application indicates so ("Inconsistent data. Clear cache storage!").


This warning message appears below the termbase structure, at the bottom of pane (1) in the
Export module user interface.














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