Bird's eye view of termbase entry

When you need a panoramic view of an entry with all details

This feature allows a panoramic view of a given concept containing all 3 levels (entry level, language level and term level), all languages and all existing descriptive fields as long as there is information available.

Please note that multimedia files (.png, .mp4, .jpg, etc.) you will only see the names of the files but they cannot be visualized. Perhaps a later version of Tb-Scout v2.5 will include this feature.

Ways to access this feature:

  • → by clicking any item in the results box of the main form, and then the corresponding icon
Get to Bird's Eye View through the results box
  • → by typing a Concept ID within the range presented and then pressing Enter (available in Extended search)
Bird's Eye View through ID
  • → by double-clicking any item in the results box in the Export module (see Figure 5, item 8).
Export results - double click

Please note that there are two elements of each Concept ID which are not readily available (i.e. 'actionable') in Bird's Eye View: 1) multimedia files (though you can still see the names of the files: .jpg, .png, .mp4, etc.) and 2) cross references. Cross references are 'visible' in Extended Search View with their corresponding XML structure. For instance: 1) <xref Tlink="English:ThatOtherTerm">ThatOtherTerm</xref>, when linking words or short phrases to a concept from a Descriptive Field, or 2) when importing from Excel; <xref Clink="CLINK:5656">ThatOtherTerm</xref>, on the other hand, when linking to another term from a term entry itself. The latter is only possible with some manual tweaking and it is an undocumented feature of MultiTerm Desktop.

Bird's eye view of term record - active content ok

In the rare event the warning message above appears, you can safely allow blocked content since there is no program or third-party add-on running or to be run in the back. Here the only task at hand is displaying a HTML page, which, by the way, at this point is already displayed, so this warning message might be pointless.








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