Additional functions - Duplicates

First you need to select either source language or target language. By default, the source language is on top.

Additional functions - Duplicates

When you need to quickly find out duplicates and repetitions

You will know, in just a few seconds (by looking at the progress counter at the top of the form), how many duplicates you have in a selected language and then another few more moments later you will get a listing indicating Concept ID and corresponding term. Then, you can select any of them and then click the MultiTerm logo to open SDL MultiTerm Desktop and investigate why a term or phrase appears twice or more, and eventually delete or edit those entries.

Attention to this: sometimes once the process of fetching duplicates has been completed
you may not see the results. In that case you will have to press F7 to see the list.

Please note that opening the MultiTerm Desktop from this form is a feature that, logically, is not available in the Tb-Scout v2.5 2000 version.


















Additional functions to make the most out of Tb-Scout v2.5